singing your praises

Thank you, You have made this so easy for us. I will certainly be singing your praises and definitely will call on you in the future. Thanks so much. – Jason & Mandy

Seven Refinancing Traps to Avoid

Seven traps to avoid when refinancing Last week’s cut to the cash rate will start many borrowers thinking about refinancing their home loan. But like any financial decision, switching mortgages should not be taken lightly. Here are several traps to avoid: FAILING TO CONSIDER YOUR OWN CIRCUMSTANCES – if your situation has changed since you […]

Bright Outlook for Gold Coast Property Market

Sun set to shine on Gold Coast property market GUEST OBSERVATION I expect the Gold Coast market to surprise many pundits and become one of Australia’s best performers during 2015-2017. The storm clouds are gone, the sun is due to shine – and quite brightly. However, there is still some turbulence in the waters. Tourism […]

Is it time for Brisbane Property to take off?

For some time, Brisbane has been the focus of investors looking beyond Sydney and Melbourne for future growth and lower entry prices. In fact, last month we saw that Brisbane has lagged somewhat behind these two capitals on the property cycle and is expected to be in the upswing over the next few years. National […]

a company who deliver

I used the services of bytherules for the first time recently to help with the sale of my investment property. Angela was very professional and provided me with regular guidance and updates throughout the whole process, making it all very easy for me. It’s great to have a company who deliver, when so many fall […]

professionalism and quick response

We were from interstate and did not know many of the regulations. BytheRules and Angela were able to guide on us what was required and how to ensure we had purchased a compliant property. Her professionalism and quick response to questions was much appreciated. – Les & Olia

Should you get your mortgage online or use a broker?

We’ve all marvelled at the amount of information on the internet and the speed with which we can compare available products. Nowhere has this access to information been better exploited than in financial services, where you can use websites to make cheap share trades, find the best priced mortgage and get travel insurance that saves […]

Infographic: The 10 most expensive houses in the world

Looking at the pricey purchases made by the elite in Australia is one thing, but what about the property buying behaviour of those elsewhere? From Buckingham Place in the UK and Antilla in Mumbia, both sitting at $1 billion plus, and spanning Oprah Winfrey’s home, the list is certainly packed with royals and famous business […]

prepared well before time

A big thank you to both you and Angela. The recent sale of our townhouse was completed easily, efficiently and hassle free. Angela was on top of everything the whole time, she was prepared well before time, and was an absolute pleasure to deal with. I will be recommending you to all – and I […]

15 steps to avoid property fraud

15 steps to avoid property fraud: Office of Regulatory Services Property fraud is one of the worst nightmares of home owners, with recent reports of unidentified third parties attempting to sell other peoples’ homes while the owner is abroad. In July, an owner was living in South Africa and found that his Canberra house had […]