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Experience Counts

With over 20 years experience, bytherules have a vast wealth of knowledge that will help protect you and make your commercial transaction impossibly easy.

We specialise in providing legal services to small and medium sized business, offering a very personal service and a very flexible way of working with you. In doing so we minimise the impact on you at this busy time, and provide a service built around your needs – not ours.

Why Hire a Business Lawyer?

Most budding entrepreneurs decide to start running their business before ever calling a lawyer for legal advice. Don’t make the same mistake.

Before you receive or pay a cent, or sign anything, contact us.  Remember that a lawyer isn’t someone you go to only when you’re in trouble. Getting a lawyer involved at the outset of your venture can help your business flourish and it will help protect you in the event things don’t go to plan.

Make sure that that all your business dealings are documented in writing. Verbal agreements often mean an unpleasant surprise later. It is important for a lawyer to review every contract you use in your business – or draw up suitable contracts if none are in place.

And, don’t fear the cost. Legal advice costs money, but it doesn’t need to be as prohibitively expensive as you might think.

We work on a flat rate fixed fee structure so there will be no unpleasant surprises. As we say – we like to make it incredibly easy

Our areas of expertise include

  • Commercial Property Sales & Purchases 

  • Retirement Villages 

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