Your home is your castle, your private sanctuary, a place where you should be able to feel safe and secure.  No-one wants that feeling of security violated. 


Although home invasions have decreased over the last 12 months, presumably due to coronavirus lockdowns, 95% of Queenslanders are still concerned about their home being burgled.  And it’s any wonder, with Australia having the 7th highest rate of burglaries in the world! 


Personal items like jewellery, wallets, car keys, phones, tools, sporting equipment and electronics are high on a burglar’s agenda, and sometimes the act in obtaining these are so swift, the home owner is caught totally off-guard.  We’ve all heard of homes being robbed while the home owner is inside the house – it can be a scary thought!  For your peace of mind, we’ve put together 5 ways you can make your home more secure. 


#1  Install Sensor Lights 

Sensor lights are a low-cost way to deter intruders.  Most are easy to install however it might be worth your while calling in a handyman or electrician experienced in installing sensor lights, especially the outdoor ones, as they will be able to help you in where to position them to maximise their effectiveness.   Good lighting can’t guarantee security of course, but it can certainly help you feel safer. 


#2  Install Deadbolt Locks 

Invest in the professional installation of quality double cylinder deadbolt locks for all your entry/exit doors, including the doors opening onto your balcony and the door leading into the house from your garage.  Of course, once they’re installed, make sure you use them, even when you’re inside. 


#3  Consider Security Screens 

If you spend a fair amount of time away from your home, eg at work or on holidays, it might be a good idea to consider security screens for your doors and windows.  Steel security screens provide a physical barrier to thieves, making it very near impossible for them to pry open.  Security screens can certainly add ‘next level’ break-in prevention to your home. 


#4  Install Security Cameras 

Security cameras can also work well in deterring thieves.  Interestingly, according to a Budget Direct survey, 35.7% of respondents felt that even fake security cameras were enough to keep burglars at bay.  In any case, a real security camera could not just work as a deterrent, but could be invaluable in recognising and capturing offenders. 


#5  Where’s Your Spare Key? 

Burglars will sometimes watch the comings and goings at your home before they enter.  This means they could also see where you put your spare key while you go out for a walk.   One of the biggest mistakes home-owners can make in terms of their home security, is hiding their spare key in classic spots like under the front mat or a plant, in the mailbox or a shoe.  Don’t leave your house open to chance – install a key safe or if you emphatically trust the neighbour, leave it with them. 


No-one wants to go through the emotional anguish of having their personal world violated, let alone suffer the inconvenience of having their house burgled.  Making your home secure should be one of your top priorities if you are concerned about burglars.   We hope these suggestions help you to make your home more secure. 





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