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The reasons for VOI include anti-money laundering and counter terrorism operations. It’s imperative to follow our conveyancer’s instructions issued by our VOI service provider, to the letter, to ensure this is done quickly and efficiently.
This allows us to move through the conveyancing process as seamlessly as possible.

WHAT IS VOI? Verification of identity is a process carried out to ensure that a person is who they claim to be.

WHY IS VERIFICATION OF IDENTITY REQUIRED? The purpose of carrying out verification of identity is to reduce the risk of identity fraud and the registration of fraudulent land transactions. Verification of identity of Clients and mortgagors is considered to be part of the due diligence required of conveyancing professionals.

With the introduction of electronic conveyancing, a Subscriber who is representing a Client will sign instruments or other Documents on the Client’s behalf. In a similar way, mortgagees can sign a mortgage certifying that they hold a valid mortgage from the mortgagor. In order for other participants in a Conveyancing Transaction to have confidence in the instruments or Documents,
it is vital that the Client’s or mortgagor’s identity is verified. VOI is required at all times when acting on behalf of a client in a conveyance, irrespective of whether it is a paper or electronic settlement.

(VOI) is now a requirement of the Australian government to combat identity fraud and confirm that a person is who they claim to be. Bytherules offers VOI services that allow you to verify yourself from home using your mobile phone or tablet.

Click HERE for a list of identify documents required to complete VOI.

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