Making Navigation of Building & Pest Inspections Easy

Making Navigation of Building & Pest Inspections Easy So, you’re keen on a property but you want to make sure it’s all what the agent says it is. A building and pest inspection is always recommended when you’re in the market for a new home. Think of it like buying a car – you wouldn’t think of purchasing […]

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Scents to Help Sell Your Property For You

Scents that help you sell your property for more money

Looking at selling? The first step, before you require conveyancing, is to entice a buyer to want to purchase your property. It is scientifically proven that our judgment can be influenced by our sensory receptors and perceptions. Not just the appearance of an object but the smell, can also influence buyer’s decisions. The appearance of […]

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Settlement Delayed? Here’s What You Need to Know and Do Next

What to do when you have Settlement Delays

First things first, what does Settlement Delay mean? Settlements are delayed when either the buyer (the Purchaser) or the Seller (the Vendor) are unable to meet the Settlement day. Settlement day is probably the most important day in conveyancing. It is the date and time set by the Vendor in the Contract of Sale, for […]

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Painting the RIGHT First Impression When it Comes to Selling Your Property

Using the right paint colour to help sell your property

If you are selling or buying a house, without you knowing it, the first impression of the exterior paint colour could determine the fate of the home.   Your house colour is a window to your personality! The interior paint of the house reflects the personality and lifestyle of the owner whereas the external paint reflects […]

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Courage, motivation, dedication from one of our very own

“Courage, motivation, dedication and a supportive social circle, are all you need to pursue your dreams and be who you always only ever dreamed of being.” Rose Bristow, our Financial Manager, has set yet another example for the world, that it is never too late to become more capable, as she graduated from CQU with […]

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