Property Sold and Accepted “As Is, Where Is” – No Objections by Buyer:

This property is sold by the Seller and accepted by the Buyer on an “As Is, Where Is” basis. The buyer has relied upon their own investigations and judgement in assessing:
The condition of the property;
The location of the property (including but not limited to any and all encroachments and / or misdescriptions);
The encumbrances on the title (with the exception of any mortgage, writ or caveat which must be released at or by settlement); and
The requirements of any competent authority;
and hereby waives any right they may have under the Contract or otherwise to terminate this contract or to claim compensation from the seller or any related party in connection with the above mentioned matters.

Property Accepted As Is (Building & Pest Does Not Apply):

The Buyer has relied upon its own prior judgment and investigations when entering into this contract, and therefore agrees that Clause 4 of the contract does not apply and accordingly the Buyer may not terminate this contract or make any claim against the Seller in relation to:
any building defects of any kind;
any pest infestation or risk of infestation of any kind;
any inadequacy of any kind in relation to pool safety;
any requirement of any competent authority in relation to the property in any way including all of the matters referred to in sub-points a) to c).
Further, the Buyer acknowledges and the Seller states that without this assurance, the Seller would not have agreed to enter into this contract.

No Objections by Buyer Regarding Approvals, Certifications, Inspections or Requirements of Authorities:

The Buyer has made their own enquiries, or does not wish to undertake any enquiries in relation to any outstanding requisitions, notices, approvals, certifications, inspections or requirements of any kind by any competent authority and therefore agrees with the Seller that the Buyer will not be permitted to make any objection or claim or deliver any requisition to the Seller for any such requisition, notice, approval, certification, inspection or requirement of any kind regardless of whether raised before, on or after the Contract Date.

Existing Registered and Unregistered Title Encumbrances:

Irrespective of whether the Reference Schedule of this contract has been completed to include reference to any encumbrance (including administrative advices or notices), the buyer agrees to accept the property with all title encumbrances (including administrative advices or notices) registered or unregistered with the exception of any mortgage, writ or caveat (which must be released at or by settlement). The buyer warrants that it has satisfied itself in relation to any such encumbrance (or administrative advice or notice) and will make no objection or claim against the seller or any related party in relation to any such encumbrance (or administrative advice)