Bored with your balcony? It can seem like a big job to beautify such a small outdoor area so we’ve risen to the challenge and put together four ideas to get you started in blitzing it on your balcony… 


Balcony Blitz 

Land supply constraints, affordability considerations and a desire to reside close to employment and amenities have seen a steady increase in the construction of apartments and homes on small blocks.1 


In most apartments, the balcony is the only personal outdoor area available.  Your balcony may be a standard outdoor platform extending from the exterior wall of the apartment, or you may have a ground floor patio/verandah area.    


Whatever the style, when there’s an outdoor area of only 3 to 6 square metres, making it beautiful yet functional can seem a little bit of a challenge.  So, we’ve put together four creative ideas to help you transform your balcony or patio into an inviting haven for you to enjoy: 


Idea #1:  Go Green 

Plants are great for spicing up any space.  Depending on how much your balcony is exposed to the elements, there is a long list of outdoor plants to choose from.  Ferns, bamboo, succulents and cacti, fresh herbs and flowers such as Begonias and Pansies, all thrive on balconies and they look great.  If privacy is an issue, try to strategically place tall plants, hanging pots, climbing vines or shrubs to deter any nosy neighbours.   


Idea #2: Vertical Vibes 

Going vertical is a popular trend in saving space.   Have a look around at places like Ikea and Temple & Webster online – there are some gorgeous vertical gardens, including true-to-life artificial ones, wall planters and funky deco screens which will liven up your balcony, and make it a cosy, private little sanctuary for you to enjoy. 


Idea #3: Let there be Light 

There’s no doubt that lighting creates ambience.  Choose your mood from LED chain lights, solar tea lights, lanterns, table or floor lamps, housed candles or twinkling Christmas-style lights.  Your balcony’s access to electricity will determine which lighting style you choose.  Luckily there are plenty of options in terms of battery-operated and solar lighting to brighten up even the most basic balcony.   


Weave chain lights through and around plants and balustrading (if allowed) to create a charming, magical atmosphere at night.  Whatever you choose, make sure your lights are soft and subtle so you don’t attract complaints from neighbours. 


Idea #4: Dreamy Decor 

A comfy lounge with soft cushions, a small coffee table and a floor mat are often all you need to make an outdoor area attractive and inviting. You might prefer to add a small table and chairs so you can have meals outside. If you want both and there’s absolutely no room spare, consider a cute set of wooden fold-down table and chairs. Whatever furniture you decide on, make sure you decorate them with padded seating, heaps of pretty cushions and throw rugs.  Remember, you want it to be a place for you to enjoy chilling out. 


Ikea are space-saving specialists, and they have some wonderful options to consider for your small outdoor area.  They have storage benches that double as seats, the foldable table and chairs we mentioned, and a stack of other furniture and decorating ideas. 


So don’t let yourself get bored with your balcony… there’s plenty of ways to create a lush, calm outdoor oasis, even for the smallest of areas.  We’ve just provided our top four ideas to inspire you to get started. 


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