You can go to work, or you can be the Boss

Become a bytherules Conveyancing Franchisee

A natural progression of our work-from-home service is franchising. As an experienced conveyancer this is a unique opportunity to reap the rewards of your hard work and benefit from the good will you have built over the years. The foundation of bytherules has set in motion the new franchise opportunity, a goal of the firm since 2011. Bytherules is set to expand and become the largest national conveyancing firm and offers a world class client experience. As the bytherules network grows nationally, we will maintain our personalised approach to simplify the conveyancing approach for all Australians. The benefits are many, and include;

  • Flexibility to choose how much work you take on.
  • Work from home.
  • Your income is determined by your effort and your choice.
  • All the facilities of the law firm to support you in every way.
  • An exclusive marketing territory.
  • The backing of a long standing law firm with a well respected name and brand.
  • Help with marketing from an experienced team.
  • We look after legal advice, the trust account and stamping for you.
  • Use of our own cloud based bespoke conveyancing software.


Opportunities like this don’t happen often. If you want to be part of Australia’s largest conveyancing brand, grab your own area before its too late. Find out more about this amazing opportunity HERE