1. Maintenance of Works in a Waterway Area

1.1 This Contract is a contract to which section 15 of the Gold Coast City Council Local Law 17 (Maintenance of Works in Waterway Areas) applies.

1.2 This following specified prescribed works are completely or partly situated on, or connected to, the property (insert details as relevant eg. revetment wall, training wall, jetty or pontoon).

1.3 Under Local Law 17, a person who is a responsible person for the specified prescribed work is, at that person’s cost, required to maintain and keep the specified prescribed work in (i) a safe condition and (ii) good working order, repair and condition, including so that the prescribed work can continue to perform its intended function.

1.4 There [is/is not] (delete one) an outstanding notice issued by Council under Local Law 17 in relation to the specified prescribed works. [The contents of that notice are as follows: insert details]