1.    Sale includes Boat, Boat Trailer and relevant Safety Equipment

1.1  The sellers will at their expense prior to settlement, provide the buyers solicitors with a copy of:

(1)    Current Roadworthy Certificate and Gas Certificate if required;

(2)    Current Registrations;

(3)    Transfer application forms for Vehicle Registration and Ship Registration; and

(4)    Confirmation that an Australian Builders Plate is available if the boat is building and offered for sale after 28 September 2006.

1.2  The seller will deliver to the buyer or buyers solicitors the original documents listed in clause 1.1 (4) at settlement.

1.3  The parties acknowledge and agree that the definition of ‘Outgoings’ in clause 1.1(2)(w) the Terms of Contract is expanded to include the registration paid by the Sellers on the boat and the boat trailer and will be adjusted on at settlement in accordance with clause 2.6 of the Terms of Contract.

  1. Ownership of Chattels assignment by way of gift

2.1   It is acknowledged by the parties to this Contract that all chattels included within the definition of Improvements in clause 1.1(2)(q) of the Terms of Contract together with all other chattels that may be included in this sale such as dishwashers, refrigerators and swimming pool equipment, whether affixed to the land or not, will, at settlement, be gifted by the Seller to the Buyer for no value.  As such the Purchase Price does not include any amount attributable to the chattels and further the Buyer acknowledges that the chattels have been inspection prior to the signing of this Contract and are accepted in an as is where is condition.