If you are selling or buying a house, without you knowing it, the first impression of the exterior paint colour could determine the fate of the home.  

Your house colour is a window to your personality! The interior paint of the house reflects the personality and lifestyle of the owner whereas the external paint reflects the level of care and time they invested in the house. While time, weather, quality and style of the paint are also crucial factors to consider when you decide to paint a house, this article focuses on the colour of the paint 

Choosing the right colour is more than just choosing a shade that suits your eye. While vivid white may feel like an elegant colour for the kitchen, it can appear subdued if the kitchen is north-facing 

The natural light as well as the type of bulb you use, can influence your selection of shade. Colours are more than just an aesthetical experience. Colours can influence your mood and the energy around the house.  

While reaction to a given colour can be subjective, many colours generally bring out similar emotions. For example, a pale yellow can evoke a sunny mood with its optimistic vibe, whereas an earthy brown can make someone feel surrounded by nature.  

Here are some basic colour meanings: 

Blue – cool, calm, serenity (increases productivity- ideal for office spaces) 

Red – passionate, strength, excitement (red encourages appetite- ideal for dining area) 

Yellow – optimism, happiness, creativity (not ideal for relaxed environments and can make babies cry, but can be used in kitchen) 

Green – health, hope, nature, tranquillity (works well for exteriors)  

Black – sophistication, power, authority, elegance 

Brown – earthiness, warmth, nature, support  

Pink – youthful, delicate, romantic (works well in kids’ rooms) 

Purple – wisdom, luxury, royalty 

White – cleanliness, minimal, refreshing (warmer shades make the room cosier while cooler shades can brighten up a room and give a formal feel) 

Now you know, choosing the right colour is more than just choosing a colour. 

Here is a list of the most popular colours that we will be seeing in 2021  

  1. Shades of nature

    Bring nature to your home with these nourishing, earthy tones. From olive green to denim blue, these tones will spread warmth and bring peace to your heart.

  2. Minimalistic whites

    Creamy shades will definitely make you feel dreamy! Contrasting with white furniture, creamy interiors will bring out your minimalistic approach to life.

  3. Cheerful lights

    The gentle pales of aqua, lilac, teal, yellow, and pink will evoke a sense of harmony in your home while uplifting your mood after a long, tiring day

  4. Muted Darks

    From the grey-brown spectrum, these colours can bring luxury in your ordinary home. Matt finish of these shades will make you feel protected and peaceful at the same time.

Happy house painting and when it’s ready, give us a call to sort out all your conveyancing needs.