You have now got the go ahead from your Conveyancer that settlement of your home is fast approaching – what happens next?  Before you start pulling your hair out and lose sleep over the “move”, apart from packing, there are a few other things you may want to consider:


Book Removalist
  • Remember that most settlements happen between 2 and 4pm – ensure you allow time for them to load and be in transit to arrive at your new property AFTER settlement has been effected – travel times often catch people out and can be a challenge to juggle!
  • If you are able, move into your new home the day AFTER settlement – that way you have no concerns regarding “idle hourly charges” for your removalists from delays that are not in your control – don’t book a weekend move – it is more expensive!
  • Check with removalist to confirm if they are allowed to transport “pot plants” – if not, you will need to make other arrangements – don’t wait until the day of the move to ask this question!  Same with gas bottles, compressors, motor mowers etc – anything containing dangerous/ flammable liquid/ or gas may not be moved for you.
Organise a “Moving Box”
  • This is so you will have everything on hand during and after the move that you will need – things like:
  • Moving Folder/Display Book (to store all receipts/booking information etc)
  • Packing tape
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie/Pens
  • Stanley Knife
  • Light Bulbs
  • Batteries (all sizes)
  • Plastic cup/s
  • Zip Lock Bags (to put screws in from beds etc)
  • Toilet Paper
  • Bin Liners/Garbage Bags
  • First Aid Kit/Medications
  • Dustpan
  • Kitchen Sponge
  • Kitchen Cleaner (Spray n Wipe)
  • Detergent, Hand Soap etc – all in the one place!
  • Train the family to put and return things back into this box – life will be so much easier!
  • Organise your packing boxes – aim for medium sized, strong boxes that are easy to lift etc.
Book disconnection/reconnection of Utilities
  • IE: Power, Gas, Internet, Phone, Pay TV etc
Stop buying groceries
  • Get creative and run your pantry/refrigerator/freezer contents DOWN – less to move and pack!
Take a photo
  • Take a photo of all appliances that have “leads” connected a certain way – then you will remember how to reassemble at the other end!
  • Prepare a handover book for new owners – insert a friendly note to “Welcome” them to your old home, hints n tips about the local area/restaurants/neighbours plus your ongoing address to forward any mail if the need arises. Dig out any Instruction manuals you may have for the Oven/Hot Water System, Air Con etc. and colour charts of the paint used etc – anything that may help the new owners settle in that bit quicker.
Before packing up the Computer/Printer
  • Print out a list of all places/services you need to update your address : Magazine/Newspaper subscriptions, School/s, Day Care, Superannuation, Banks, Electoral Roll, Roadside Memberships, Insurance

Hint: Use Suitcases to house Linen for “after” move (suggest keep with moving caddy) to contain: Sheets for each bed (after assembled) Towel/Face Washer for each person, Tea Towel for kitchen, Bath Mat, Change of Clothes/underwear, PJ’s




  • Arrange for a final inspection with the Selling Agent a week before settlement is due at a time and date that suits you all to do a final inspection (preferably once the Seller has moved out).
  • Most times, damage will occur and items are removed (ie: light fittings, curtains, blinds etc) when the move is taking place.  In some other instances, Sellers may not remove everything from the property (mainly because they couldn’t be bothered to do a dump run or just run out of time) or something may have broken during the time you signed the contract and settlement.
  • You are entitled to do this inspection – don’t waste the opportunity!

Remember – the sooner you identify a problem, the longer you will have to rectify it!

Things to check
  • Light fixtures & fittings – working?
  • Water taps/mixers – not leaking?
  • Toilets (flushing)
  • Exhaust fan/s – working?
  • Ceiling fan/s – working?
  • Stove / cooktop / oven – working?
  • Dishwasher – working?
  • Air conditioner / Evaporative cooler – working? Remotes? 
  • Hot water service
  • Pool pump / Pool Equipment / Spa
  • Garage door (+ remote)  – working?
  • Smoke detectors
  • Rubbish bins
  • Door & Window locks


  • Unless these are specifically written into a contract, the Seller is not obligated to provide them – sometimes they may be “lost” or “broken” – if this is the case, check with your conveyancer to see what options you may have (if any).
  • You are checking to make sure the property is Clean, Undamaged, everything you were promised in the Contract is there and you are happy to move in and make it your new home.   If you ARE NOT HAPPY or UNSURE – call your Conveyancer immediately!

Hint: Take a tape measure with you and work out the rough dimensions of the rooms – write them down – that way, when the removalists arrives to unload, you can guide them to where to put things (especially the heavy items!)


1. Label & colour code each box – as simple as this seems, it can make a big difference. By Labelling boxes with different coloured paper for each room (ie: Kitchen: Yellow, Bedroom 1: Blue, Bathroom: Orange etc) – the removalist or friends helping with the move can place the box in the destined room.

2. Writ a brief “list” of contents so you can recall “what’s in the box”.

3. Don’t write “valuables” or other identifying words that could broadcast the contents – if it is valuable to you, keep it with you.

4. Breakables: use socks to wrap glasses, tea towels/doonas/lined to wrap breakables, place plastic plates in between dinner plate.

5. Write a brief “list” of contents so you can recall “what’s in the box.

6. Clothes: Don’t take off hangers – simply use a bin liner (or the like) to wrap clothes from bottom so if any dislodge from hanger, it falls in the liner

7. Cutlery: Keep cutlery in its tray – simply left out and wrap

8. Keep an Esky ready for moving day – store fridge /freezer contents in and another Esky for drinks/snacks etc during the move

9. Purge while you pack! If there is something you haven’t used, worn or need – donate/sell or gift before you move

10. Don’t use Newspaper to wrap crockery – the ink does stain

11. Take photos – before, after and during – especially of China Cabinets etc – you may forget where things went or fitted when you unpack